Roots and Wings

Last week, my husband and I kissed (well, I kissed) our oldest child good-bye, watched him go through airport security and on to his new job 4000 kilometers away. 

My son has gone away before, for Canadian Forces Reservist duties and short-term newspaper contract work.  This time, he was heading off to another province and a full-time position writing for a newspaper.  Full-time, benefits, salary – a great start to what will hopefully be a long, successful writing career and an honourable , God-centred life.

To say that I was sad to see him go is an understatement.   Sad, but incredibly proud and so very thankful for the opportunity that was given to him. 

One of the most profound moments in motherhood is watching the child you bore go out and make his/her way in the world.   Isn’t that what it’s all about?  All of  the sleepless nights, sacrifices, joys, laughter –  all for the moment when he takes those first eager, tentative steps to get out there and live a purpose-driven life, make his own decisions, learn from his mistakes, grow into the person God intends.

I miss him terribly.  Skype is great, but skype is only a camera and a computer.  Our house, as full as it is, feels strangely empty.  That’s OK.  That’s great!  He lived here for almost 24 years.  He certainly made his mark. 

My husband and I gave him roots and wings, values and freedom, confidence and character.  The rest is up to him.   It’s an exciting time for him, full of promise and opportunity. 

Go for it, son!

Deo Gratias!

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