Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Cupcakes

Day 4 of March Break.  I had to go to work today.  I left the house this morning with instructions for the kids who were home:  my 21-year old son who had no university classes today and the four younger kids, 16 to 9, who are home this week for the break.   I told them to make sure the dishes were done, the house was tidy, etc., usual stuff.  They didn’t disappoint.  They rarely do.  They’ve been doing chores since they were 4 years old and they know what my husband and I expect.

Since I was tired after work and since the weather was kind of unsettled, I decided against our original plan of going to the park when I got home.  Instead, we baked mini chocolate pumpkin cupcakes.

Once upon a time, I baked everything from scratch.  Only the most wholesome, natural, nutritious ingredients went into my children’s bellies.  Unfortunately, that takes time I don’t have anymore.   This afternoon, we baked mini cupcakes using only these two ingredients:

They were delicious!  Most importantly, we had fun together.  The kids got to lick the bowl, the spoons, everything.  As the cupcakes came out of the oven, they hung around waiting for the go-ahead to dig in.

Everyday brings an opportunity for me to learn to let go of the stuff that’s not so important and to prioritize what is.  It wasn’t so important what the ingredients were but that we baked cupcakes together.  It didn’t really matter that there were some things on the ingredient list that clearly were not “whole food” but that we enjoyed eating our masterpiece together. 

The cupcakes were today’s reminder for me to not sweat the small stuff.  Enjoy the moment, appreciate my family, be thankful for the gift of today.

Deo Gratias!

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2 Responses to Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Cupcakes

  1. Ophelia says:

    Very nice blog! I wish I could taste those cupcakes 🙂

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