Life Lessons From My Patients

I am fortunate in my work as a foot care nurse to meet and care for many people.  All of my patients have medical issues; that’s why they need a foot care nurse.  I spend at least 45 minutes at a time with each one, caring for their foot-related problems, answering medical and nursing questions, and listening to them.  Sometimes, listening is the most important thing I do because everyone needs to feel that they matter. 

As much as I give myself to my patients through my nursing care, they give me back a hundredfold, and they don’t even know it.  Here’s what I’ve learned while I hold a person’s feet in my hands and (hopefully) give a little TLC:

  • take each person as they come
  • love them where they’re at
  • accept them for who they are
  • listen, listen, listen
  • I am not perfect
  • apologize
  • listen again
  • did I mention I’m not perfect?

The lessons I learn while I’m working spill over into my personal life and vice versa.  Lessons learned at home are brought to my workday too.  What I learn about people and about life are  applicable to everything I do and to who I am striving to become. 

I’m blessed to be able to do my work.  Nursing foot care is not glamorous.  In nursing circles, it’s definitely not sexy or impressive, but it’s necessary and that’s good enough for me.

Deo Gratias!

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