Easter Triduum In Our Home

In our Catholic home, we have just finished 40 days of Lent, culminating in the Easter Triduum which are the 3 most important days in the Catholic Church.  Jesus is our Savior; therefore, His Crucifixion and Resurrection are entered into and celebrated with the greatest reverence.  It begins on Holy  Thursday, continues through Good Friday and lasts until Easter Sunday.  In our home,  Easter Triduum is very serious and it’s pretty much expected that we’ll be spending plenty of time in church over the three days. 

We don’t all attend Holy Thursday Mass but this year, I went with child #6.  Watching our Pastor wash the feet of 12 men in remembrance of Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles held special significance for me because of the work that I do as a foot care nurse.  As I watched, I wondered if my work is still considered a work of mercy even if I get paid.  Silly thought?  Maybe, but there you go.  Need to ask Wise Friend about that one.

After Good Friday Service the next day, we continued the tradition started many years ago by my late father-in-law:  Tim Horton doughnuts.  For us, this tradition marks the end of Lent and of whatever it is we gave up for Lent, including doughnuts.  Around here, 18 doughnuts disappear really quickly!

This year, we tried something different.  Instead of inviting people for Easter Sunday, we invited friends with an equally large family for dinner on Holy Saturday.  They had a brand new fiancée, a son-in-law and an active toddler in tow.  The house was packed but the food was plentiful and the laughter was music.  What a wonderful way to celebrate our Faith and connect with good friends.

Easter Sunday meant an early start since our 3 altar boys were  serving morning Mass while their little sister sang in the children’s’ choir.  After Mass, we came home to our Easter egg hunt. The older kids unleashed their sadistic tendencies while hiding the treats for the younger kids.  Not willing to settle for obvious hiding places, they placed chocolate on top of the shed, under the wood pile, in the bushes…..anywhere that would be difficult for a young’un to find.  In the end, many hints were given or we would still be finding chocolate in July.

We settled down to an informal and delicious turkey dinner.  After stuffing ourselves, we went for a family walk through the neighbourhood to work off the turkey and make room for dessert.

It would have been a perfect weekend if it were not for the fact that #1 son working in Alberta couldn’t come home.  I missed him most at Mass this morning.  Even with sons serving on the Altar, #8 child singing in the children’s choir, and the rest of the clan sitting together in the pew, there was a hole in my heart that couldn’t be filled.  My prayers at Holy Mass were for my son.

So another Easter Triduum has come and gone and life continues in our busy home.  I pray that the sacrifices we made and the prayers we offered during the 40 days of Lent and Easter Triduum bear fruit in our lives so that the joy and peace of the Resurrection will be ours.

Deo Gratias

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