Hope In Sorrow

Yesterday, the community that had walked with Bryan and his family throughout his year of suffering with a brain tumour commended him to God in a Funeral Mass that was achingly sad, but at the same time beautiful in the promise of eternal life in Heaven. The sacred Liturgy, sacred music, the words of hope and consolation from the homilist all served to comfort and remind us that God is in control and He turns sorrow into joy.

No words will take away the pain of Bryan’s devastated family, especially his parents, no gesture, no touch.  In time, sorrow’s rough edges will be smoothed but it will always remain.  We can only be there to support, encourage and love them.

Courtesy of godrules77.tripod.com

After the funeral and cremation, amongst the sadness and mourning, I caught sight of someone so beautiful, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  Bryan’s little sister, dressed in pure white from head to toe, was laughing and running between the mourners, waving high the crucifix presented to her parents by the funeral home.  She took obvious delight in the way the sun turned its appearance into gleaming gold and the feel of it in her little hands.

What a wonderful reminder that life goes on, even in the palpable sorrow of the day.  What a beautiful example of becoming like little children before God, trusting, joyful, pure.  What better reassurance that even in unbearable grief, God is with us and Bryan is still with us because he is with God.

Deo Gratias

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8 Responses to Hope In Sorrow

  1. SR says:

    Still praying for family. Thanks for update. God Bless, SR

  2. vom ende der langendorfer judengemeinde
    More simply said than done I think. vom ende der langendorfer judengemeinde

    • Hello and thanks for your comment. Agreed. The family, especially the parents, will continue to go through the stages of grief and they will have some very dark moments. It’s only human. However, I believe their faith will carry them through as will our prayers.

      You have an interesting blog. I managed to translate some of it through Google Translate. Could you tell me more about your blog and about yourself?

  3. Melissa AtLee says:

    My prayers go out to the family, and my heart aches for them.

    • Thanks, Melissa. The family is strengthened by the outpouring of prayers and are grateful for so many people who don’t know them but are praying for them. That’s what the communion of saints is all about.

  4. Matt McCarthy says:

    A great tribute. Thanks, Terry. God bless you and the family.

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