Religious Freedom On Both Sides of the 49th Parallel

Judging by what’s in the news this morning, our respective governments continue to erode religious freedom and freedom of conscience.

Read this post from on the HHS Mandate:

In Ontario, Canada,  our provincial government is going full steam ahead with Bill 13, which flies in the face of Catholic moral teaching and will force Catholic schools to teach homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle.–ontario-s-anti-bullying-bill-resorts-to-bullying

We all need to get on our knees and pray.  Then, even as we continue praying, we must write letters, petition our elected representatives, pick up a sign and take part in peaceful demonstrations, spread the word, blog, and get on our knees and pray.

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6 Responses to Religious Freedom On Both Sides of the 49th Parallel

  1. Sean Durity says:

    Thanks for the info re: Canada’s battle on Bill 13. I did not know about this. I am just saddened and exasperated that our cultures have turned so decisively against the well-proven morality from God’s Word.

  2. freerosarys says:

    Our Lady of Fatima pray for us. Amen

  3. I’m originally from Canada and lived most of my Canadian years in Ontario. If its still as it was when I was there, taxes were used to pay for Catholic schools and if you signed your property taxes to the Catholic System you were permitted to attend for free.
    Well… if you let the government subsidize (or pay entirely for) one religous schools, of course you will find that the Gov expects to have a say in what you teach. They own the school.
    When we were faced with something similar within the Catholic hospitals… the Bishops made it clear they would close the hospitals before permiting abortions… the Government backed off. (Of course they are still trying to ram the Mandate down our throats but we are preparing for battle. ) the best solution for what is happening in regards to this bill is to 1) tell the Gov of Ontario the church is closing the school. 2) begin preparations for converting the schools to self pay/tuition schools. This will give you full control of your Catholics Schools! preparing for battle.)

    • It’s still the same as when you lived here. True, even though we are constitutionally gauranteed a Catholic Education system, money talks and a government-subsidized Catholic education will not be authentically Catholic. Add to that teachers who either do not practice the faith or whose understanding of the Catholic faith is incredibly wrong; a strong Catholic teachers union and schools trustees who endorse Bill 13; parents who either don’t know or don’t care; Ontario Catholic Bishops who played too nice. It’s frustrating. I think the system is broken beyond repair and we should just start all over again, without government interference. I think parochial schools like you have in the U.S. are the way to go.

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