What Kind Of Man Has Eight Kids?

A man who:

  • works hard to provide for his family
  • considers his family first in every business decision
  • can’t wait to come home after a long day at work
  • expects his children to work hard
  • expects his children to be accountable
  • takes his children camping even when he would rather be in a 5-star hotel with 24-hour sports channel
  •  builds an awesome campfire
  •  is passionate, spontaneous, playful, funny
  • delights in the smell of a newborn
  • was born to change a diaper
  • makes faces at ALL the little babies
  • will cut the neighbours’ grass; drive the elderly person home from the grocery store; help a friend move; walk the nun home through the rough ‘hood; offer a friend a beer and a burger and insist that he put his feet up on the coffee table
  • enjoys being the Saturday morning short-order cook for his brood
  • makes a mean tea-biscuit and an unequaled omelet
  • lives and breathes the duty of the moment
  • tells his wife she’s beautiful
  •  says “I love you”
  • says “I’m sorry”
  • says “I’m proud of you”
  • says “no”
  • doesn’t hide his love for his Church and his God and expects his children to be the same
  • knows he is not worthy
  • remembers what his dad taught him:  put God first, your wife second and everything else will fall into place

Happy Father’s Day, my beloved

Deo Gratias

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17 Responses to What Kind Of Man Has Eight Kids?

  1. SR says:

    This post could not of been any better! What a great job you did! We know you are a wonderful wife and mother, and now we know you have a wonderful husband and dad to your children. Doesn’t get any better! What an uplifting post! God Bless, SR

  2. Wonderful post. I’ve been trying to think how to express what I feel about both my husband and my father. You’ve done it beautifully here.

  3. mummymishy says:

    What a tribute to your husband! Happy Father’s Day to him!

  4. Very well put.Your post should be on a card or a poster. It was awesome!

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  6. You really do have great material to work with. Your husband sounds like a terrific role model for all fathers. He’s got his priorities straight.

  7. Christian says:

    You left out “knows his wife is incredibly beautiful””

  8. evanscove says:

    If only more husbands out there were like yours! You are truly a blessed lady to have such a godly man and 8 wonderful kids to grace your home. I’m sure plenty of women out there would do anything to trade places with you. My compliments to your husband for being such an excellent role model!


  9. Kathleen says:

    This made me smile!

  10. Biltrix says:

    What kind of man has 8 kids? Has to be a man of God. God bless him!

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