Sunday Snippets

This Sunday, I’m posting over at This That and the Other Thing:  Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival.  It’s my first time and I’m very excited to share with RAnn and other Catholic bloggers.

I started off my week with a post on Linda Gibbons:  Canadian Pro-Life Crusader.  Here in Canada, Linda continues to fight a long-standing unjust civil order to stay at least 150 feet back from the Toronto abortuaries where she regularly peacefully protests.  The Supreme Court of Canada ruled this week that she can be criminally prosecuted for defying the civil order.  Over the past 18 years, Linda has spent a little over 9 years in jail, off and on, for ignoring the original civil order and subsequent similar orders.

Later in the week, I wrote about one of my most challenging patients.  My work as an RN in community gives me the privilege of meeting many interesting people.  “Iris” is one of the most intriguing people I care for because of the lessons she has taught me in forgiveness.  More specifically, what can happen if we don’t let go of the hurt.

Rounding the week was my tribute to my husband with a post entitled “What Kind Of Man Has Eight Kids?”

Come on over and see what everyone else wrote about!

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