Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival

It’s Sunday Snippets time once again over at This That and The Other Thing:  Sunday Snippets – A Catholic Carnival, hosted by RAnn.

I’m contributing the posts I wrote this week:

Seeking More:  My Summer Reading – reading that’s good for the soul.

The Quiet Sunday Afternoon That Wasn’t – what happened when I tried to take a nap during the World Cup final soccer game between Italy and Spain.  What was I thinking?

Raising Happy Purposeful Children – A conversation with a patient prompted this reflection.

Confession:  Getting It Off My Chest – Have you ever heard of video confession booths?  They’ve been installed in our subway system for the first 2 weeks in July.  They’re very popular but Catholic confessionals are empty.  Why?

Come on over and read everyone else’s posts.  How about adding some of your own?

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