Thank You, LifeVigil and Lame Housewife

Two of my blogging friends, Lame Housewife and LifeVigil have both nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award.  Thank you for the tremendous honour, LH and LV.

LifeVigil is the new kid on the blogging block.  Mentored by Biltrix (another one of my faves), Beverly writes about the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.   A very noble cause, indeed!

Lame Housewife is no stranger to the blogosphere with her beautiful original poetry, thoughtful reflections.  Right now I’m enjoying her series of blog posts using Star Trek:  The Next Generation to find “eternal truths in film and television shows.”  Genius!

Receiving this great news from 2 wonderful bloggers made me stop and reflect on why I blog.  It’s not because I think I have something to say that’s better than what anyone else has to say.  On the contrary, I could sit all day reading the thoughts and hard work of so many people whose work I admire, and some whose opinions are definitely not the same as mine but are equally worth reading.

For me, blogging is a way of reaching and connecting with like-minded people in an exchange of ideas and providing mutual support.  It’s also a way of learning about differences of opinion and ideology.

As with blogger awards, the rules as follows:

  1. Add a picture of the award to my blog.
  2. Link to the blogger(s) who nominated me.
  3. Nominate other bloggers for the award.
  4. Say 7 things about myself.

OK, seven more things:

  • it’s getting harder to find 7 things since my life is pretty ordinary.
  • I’m writing this right now because the house is empty (beloved took himself and kids who are home to confession) and I don’t want to clean the upstairs bathroom…nuh uh.
  • I’m looking forward to our holiday in the nation’s capital – Ottawa – in a couple of weeks.  I love Ottawa.
  • I could eat fruit and nothing else all summer…..
  • but then, I could also eat dark chocolate and nothing else 365 days a year.
  • If I were an Olympian, I would like to be a swimmer – front crawl would be my race.
  • I’ve recently started lifting weights again since osteoperosis is a very real possibility given family history and my small frame.

There’s alot of blog awards going around lately and blogs that I enjoy reading are being duly nominated.  So………….I’d like to give the Reader Appreciation Award to some worthwhile blogs that I haven’t seen mentioned but are great reads:

The Rainey Review – on the side of her blog is a button(?) that reads:  “Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.”  Blessed Pope Pius IX  I mean, come on, how can I not nominate her!

The Struggling Dad – D. Boncan writes from the Philippines, the only Catholic country in Asia.  His struggles aren’t so much about raising 5 kids (although that’s no picnic), but  fighting against an increasingly secular influence.  The Philippines is the birthplace of my parents so I follow the Church’s struggles in the land of my ancestors.

The Back of The World  – A recent convert from the Evangelical Church, Ryan is a dad, a math teacher, a recent law school grad…..and a really thoughtful writer.

lilyboat – I love lilyboat.  She’s young, profound, thoughtful, artistic, a beautiful soul.

Seeking Pemberley – a fellow Canuck and a high school teacher, she writes about seeking Heaven.

The Accidental Kansan – Stephen Ventura Jr. takes great pictures.

Deo Gratias

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5 Responses to Thank You, LifeVigil and Lame Housewife

  1. lamehousewife says:

    Thank you for the kind words! The dark chocolate a day? That’s healthy right? Antioxidants? Me too…love the dark chocolate. A chocolate a day keeps the…keeps the…away…keeps the…oh, I don’t know:) God bless, sister. Well deserved.

  2. Thank you for the compliment and the nomination. we have a few things in common — fitness and swimming e.g. I think I’ll go swimming pretty soon here. Is it hot there? it’s hot here.

  3. Ryan says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words, as well as the nomination!!!

  4. Mr. V. says:

    Terry, thanks for the nomination, I really appreciate the sentiments and the honor. May your days be filled with dark chocolate!

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