A Pro-Life Nurse Asks: Why?

Warning:  this contains a graphic photo

40 Days for Life ends on November 4, 2012.

Since the first 40 Days for Life 4 years ago in my city, my family and I have participated in the prayer vigil.  We haven’t been as dedicated as the daily prayer warriors but we have committed to praying at the vigil site once or twice per 40 Days.  We also take part in the annual Life Chain Vigil and some of our older kids have travelled to Ottawa for the annual March for Life in May.  We’re hoping to take part as a family next year at March For Life, a plan we’re putting in Mother Mary’s capable hands.

I’m always encouraged by the dedicated souls who participate in this witness of love for the unborn child and the pro-life cause.  I’ve had the honour and  privilege of witnessing in silent prayer with folks who will stand at the site for hours regardless of fickle Canadian weather, getting drenched in downpours or forming films of ice over eyebrows, eyelashes and nostrils in harsh Canadian winters.  Troopers, every single one of them.

Most prayers are for the unborn children and their moms.  However, my prayers go to the abortuary staff, the people whose job it is to daily murder little children.  Everyone from the receptionist who books the appointment and welcomes the clients, the nurses who prep and assist, the doctors who perform the procedure. How do they go to work each day?  How can their job not bother them?  What do they say to convince themselves that they are performing valuable work?  Why?

I remember an incident from nursing school that left me disappointed.  Biology classes for student nurses are very in-depth.  We were studying foetal development in first-year biology and the professor was very thorough.  She even said that this was her favourite section to teach.  Imagine my dismay when, at the end of weeks of learning about foetal development, there in that packed first-year lecture hall, she gave us her pro-abortion opinion.  How could she teach the unit so beautifully and still be anti-life?

Over 25 years later, I took an ethics course for RNs.  When I broached the disturbing truth that Canadian nurses are denied conscience objection rights, my prof told me in front of the class and in no uncertain terms to “leave your religion at home!”  She went on to point out that nurses who “demonstrate” against abortions and “picket” outside  abortion clinics may be subject to disciplinary action.  So much for freedom of speech.

Our Standards of Practice include a respect for life clause.  Life, in this case, begins at birth.  Before that, the baby is not recognized as a distinct person.  Yet, if the pre-born baby needed life-saving surgery, the best surgeons would be assembled to perform intricate procedures.  Doesn’t anyone see the irony and the hypocrisy in that?  A wanted pre-born baby is saved; an unwanted pre-born baby is injected with fatal drugs, sucked out or cut up and then incinerated.  Where’s the sense?  Why?

In Canada, we have no abortion laws; therefore, a pre-born baby can be aborted any time before he/she is born.  Anytime.

I don’t know how people endowed with the God-given ability to save lives can turn such a precious, privileged gift into a means of destruction.  Is a paycheque worth the dismembered little body treated like garbage?  Can they be truly happy doing this for a living?  How do they live with themselves?


God forgive me, but I’ve always felt that at pro-life vigils, there are enough people praying for the babies and their moms.   I think more prayers need to be offered up for the medical professionals and office staff who actually provide abortions and keep abortuaries open.

Please, as 40 Days for Life comes to a close on November 4, don’t forget to say some prayers for my colleagues and their partners in this atrocity.

National Association of Pro-Life Nurses (USA)

Canadian Nurses For Life

Deo Gratias

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15 Responses to A Pro-Life Nurse Asks: Why?

  1. You didnt walk on egg shells with this post and that makes it a pivoting poignant piece. Great thoughts in here. I cleaned toilets at an aborton clinic once but couldnt do it again for work. I quit. Alas, what a sick world being ushered in

  2. ... says:

    Thank you for this post. I will pray as you say for the people providing these horrible procedures as well as for the babies.

  3. DiamondDale says:

    This isn’t ment as me using a sounding board, but I have to add my thoughts.
    When I was younger I believed in the “right to choose” and I helped finance at least one abortion. My cousin had gotten pregnant and we all knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that her father would have beaten her and her boyfriend to death. Literally. We came from a very backwards part of the country. Birth control was not an option beyond throwing the Fear of God into you every Sunday.
    Skip forward a short period in time. A classmate of mine got pregnant but despite all the oos’ and ahhhs’ and whispers behind her back, held her head high, married the father of her child and recharted a life that included parenthood at a young age.
    Skip forward again but this time by 20 years. We were at our 20 year high school reunion, and Carol showed up with her 20 year old son Lincoln. His father had died in an industrial accident 17 years eariler.
    Ever since then I have truly questioned the validity of abortion. The one ringing truth I can’t shake from my head is what would my great nephew have become given a life; and what great loss would the world have experienced had Carol and Tom opted abortion vs. having the baby.

  4. mamanne says:

    Thank you for being bold and speaking the truth. I wonder also, how those people sleep at night. Must be some kind of disconnect – avoidance of the truth? I will pray for them all.

  5. reinkat says:

    I am glad you wrote this post, so honestly and bluntly. Thank you also for the graphic photo, which made your point in ways that words could never do. Hard to look at, so awful, and so unforgettably motivating to pray and protest.
    I had no idea that Canada had gone this far with this issue.

    This comment you made: “if the pre-born baby needed life-saving surgery, the best surgeons would be assembled to perform intricate procedures. Doesn’t anyone see the irony in that?” I remember 27 years ago, going into premature labor at 5 months. The doctors going all out to save him, doing their best. As I lay there for 4 months of bedrest, I thought about this very thing way back then: it was all up to me, thumbs up or thumbs down for the baby. They would save him, or they would kill him, on my word. And NOBODY should have that sort of power over the life of another human being, for any reason, any time.

    I will join you in prayer for the medical personnel and their supporters. God bless you.

  6. lilyboat says:

    I will join in praying today, too. The truth is so distorted now a days, people don’t realize what grave sin they are committing and how much God is offended by their actions(at worst case, they think they are the warriors and defenders of the truth!).. I am sure I commit such sins as well.. unknowingly..

    once you see the Truth, the Truth is the truth, it’s really simple. I pray that people will get to see the clear picture of the Truth very soon.

  7. dgcree says:

    Whilst we must continue to pray for the protection of the unborn child, I agree that it is equally important to pray for the conversion of those involved in the destruction of human life.

  8. Biltrix says:

    The professionals who perform abortions or assist in any way need the prayers as much as anyone does. My heart goes out more to the mothers who kill their own children. But the burden of guilt must weigh heavily on the actually perform the operation — if I can call it that. Thanks for the post. My prayer is that it can somehow convert more consciences and save more lives. God bless!

  9. Teresa Rice says:

    The mothers are confused and scared. The pro-aborts prey on them. For that reason my heart and prayers goes out to the mothers. But yes, we do need to pray for the conversion of those who murder unborn babies and those who work in abortion mills. Thank you for your heartfelt, personal and truth telling post. God Bless.

  10. Thank you and God bless you. I will pray for your country, and for mine. It’s so creepy. It’s like a horror movie, when it’s illegal to tell the truth and meanwhile the evil goes on in city after city and the officials call it “health.” It seems weird to me that David Elgin Gill was born in Canada, at 19 1/2 weeks (21 1/2 weeks gestational age) and underdeveloped for his age — eyes still sealed — and he made it. And that was with the technology of 1987. Yet the forces of abortion are so powerful there.

  11. Great post, Terry. We are joining our life chain tomorrow. Been vacillating about going or not (because of a 2 y.o who might run in the middle of the road) but I’ll take everybody and a stroller thanks to you. P.S. I’ve heard Jill Stanek’s testimony on partial birth abortions and the horror of it had me bawling in public.

  12. Good blog and good comments. Conscience rights for nurses is a cause worth fighting for on the way to rights for the unborn.

  13. Genesdb says:

    I always wondered why the call themselves Pro-CHOICE and yet they do not want us to CHOOSE to be PRO-LIFE… indeed, an example of hypocrisy… thanks for this post blog…
    I will indeed pray for them…

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