For Moms Everywhere

…….and for anyone who ever had a mom……….

Because there are days when, no matter how calm, centered, meditative you are; no matter how perfectly aligned are the stars and your chakra is bliss; doesn’t matter if you’re organized, careful, intelligent, efficient; never mind that you’re prayerful and serene;  even if you swore to yourself that you would never, ever sound like your mom………life is messy and stuff happens, so this is just for you:

So take heart, moms.  The baby may cry all night and the diapers are yucky and your kid’s yelling “mom, I don’t have clean clothes for school and you didn’t sign the permission form that was due yesterday” and dinner’s burnt and the house is a pig sty and no amount of concealer’s gonna hide the bags under your eyes and your hubby’s looking at you like that but all you want to do is get into your flannel jammies and fuzzy socks and be left alone………..

Life is wonderful and beautiful because the good Lord gave you the gift of today and, in a heartbeat, you would give up your own life for your family who’s driving you nuts right now.

Channel your inner Scarlett O’Hara, even if it means wrapping yourself in your living room curtains, stick out your bosom and in your sultriest southern drawl, declare, “tomorrow is another day!”

Deo Gratias

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23 Responses to For Moms Everywhere

  1. annedesa says:

    Was surprised to read – no matter how perfectly aligned are the stars and your chakra is bliss; – in your post! Aren’t these non-Christian concepts?

  2. Absolutely superb !!!! rofl !!!

    Annedesa – The title is “For mom’s everywhere”, one would assume that encompasses all creeds, colours and races ?

  3. abcinsc says:

    Great fun… thanks.

  4. Here’s another one you’ll like even better. A friend sent this to me last week. The Parent Rap. It’s hilarious!

    • Thanks, Connie. I’ve seen this one too but it doesn’t “speak to me” like the one I posted……..different styles, I guess. The important thing is that we laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously.

  5. I’ve seen this video before but it is perfect timing to laugh and see it again.

  6. Me says:

    Amen, totally felt that way yesterday and I entered today in a more positive attitude. Needless to say, today is going much better!

  7. Saw this video a while back and it made me laugh. Your posting it makes it official: our sense of humor is in sync.

  8. Mr. V. says:

    This is funny….I’ll have to make sure my wife sees the video. 😀

  9. Katherine says:

    I’m not a mom, but I’ve been the primary caretaker of my sister (who’s 20 years younger) for years now, and man do they ring a bell! Deo gratias indeed!

  10. lilyboat says:

    I’m sort of like a second mom to my sister’s little children. They do behave in a way that drives me really crazy, but I enjoy every moment with them! They heal me.

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