World Day of Prayer for the Sick/Pope Benedict Resigns

pope benedict blessing sick boyThis is part of Pope Benedict’s message for World Day of Prayer for the Sick, 2013.  You can read the rest of the text here.

“I entrust this Twenty-first World Day of the Sick to the intercession of Our Lady of Graces, venerated at Altötting, that she may always accompany those who suffer in their search for comfort and firm hope. May she assist all who are involved in the apostolate of mercy, so that they may become good Samaritans to their brothers and sisters afflicted by illness and suffering. To all I impart most willingly my Apostolic Blessing.”

From the Vatican, 2 January 2013

Pope Benedict is a very intelligent, charitable,courageous,  humble man and it seems to me that his choice of making his announcement today, World Day of Prayer for the Sick, is deliberate.  Please keep all those in failing health in your prayers today, including our beloved Pope Benedict.

Deo Gratias

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8 Responses to World Day of Prayer for the Sick/Pope Benedict Resigns

  1. Laura says:

    Good point! Praying for Pope Benedict and for all the elderly. It seems to take great courage and patience to grow old gracefully.

  2. Catherine M. Evans says:

    Woke up to the news of Pope Benedict XVI. 😥

  3. Me says:

    He and our Cardinals are in my prayers.

  4. the pope shows humility and a great love for the Body of Christ

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  6. Was so busy being sad and curious that I hadn’t even drawn that connection. I’m still torn over this but I believe in his holiness and sincerity.

  7. Teresa Rice says:

    This is very sad news. Pope Benedict and the Church does indeed need our prayers.

  8. vftmom247 says:

    He has been looking increasingly frail – have been worrying about him a little.

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