Holy EucharistDid you hear the one about the woman who became a man but then gave birth to three kids and now wants a divorce?  True story. Thomas Beatie was born a woman, Tracy Lagondino.  He (she?) claims he always felt like a man trapped in a woman’s body so Tracy began the process of transgendering into Thomas in 1997.  By 2002, Tracy became Thomas.  In 2003, Thomas married his partner, Nancy, in Hawaii and they now live in Arizona.  Since Nancy is unable to conceive, Thomas became pregnant three times through artificial insemination.

What?  It turns out, Thomas opted to keep his (her?) female reproductive organs.    Since he didn’t remove his (her?) uterus, Thomas was able to become a pregnant “man” in 2008.  Instantly he became a media darling, appearing on Oprah, publishing a book about his pregnancy, Labor of Love: The Story Of One Man’s Extraordinary Pregnancy, and in 2008, he had the dubious distinction of being one of Barbara Walters’ “10 Most Fascinating People.”  I watched the Oprah interview, where she gushed and oohed and aahed and I thought: how weird is that!

Three artificially inseminated kids later, he and Nancy are filing for divorce.  The trouble is, in Arizona, there are no statutes for transgendered divorce.  Added to that is the fact that men can’t have babies but Thomas gave birth to three of them.  Which begs the question:  is he Thomas or is she Tracy? Arizona doesn’t recognize same-sex unions. Nor does it recognize same-sex unions from other states so the not-so-happily “married” couple are not recognized as married by Arizona laws.  Thomas and Nancy want validation that a marriage existed – for the sake of the kids, who in my opinion, will grow up to be beyond confused.  That’s why they want a divorce.  Get it? If there’s a divorce, then there was a valid marriage.

Let’s move on…….

Have you seen Suzanne Somers lately?  If you’re a baby-boomer like I am, you’ll remember her as Chrissy, the bubbly but definitely not MENSA- eligible blonde on the hit comedy, Three’s Company.  While most of us boomers moved on, it seems that Suzanne is still trying to hang on to her 70’s body.  She admits to taking a daily cocktail of over 60 different hormonal/vitamin/and who-knows-what-else supplements, not to mention the injectables, slathering herself top-to-toe with magical creams and potions and worshiping at the temple of plastic surgery.

I’m a nurse.  I have seen hundreds of people up close and personal.  Real sixty-six- year- olds do not look like Suzanne.  Real men do not have babies.  Suzanne and Thomas are extreme examples of how God’s reality has been tampered and denied by man.

But hold on!  Just because most of us don’t go to such lengths to alter the truth of ourselves, are we truly more real?  It’s easy to criticize such ridiculous examples, but don’t we have to be careful of pointing fingers?  When I point a finger at someone, three point right back at me.

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Deo Gratias

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7 Responses to Authenticity

  1. Anabelle says:

    Thank you for challenging me to be authentic. I will reflect on that for Lent. And thanks for the chuckle on “not Mensa eligible” and popping my eyes open at the sensational he/she case.

  2. Back in the dark ages, when I was watching TV cartoons, I used to follow the adventures of Tooter Turtle. Tooter would visit Mr. Wizard, asking for favors. Tooter, as it happens, was eager to become something ‘special’, something more than he actually was; so, in each episode, he’d ask for the “favor” of becoming something, or someone, really outstanding — someone with a better life than he had.

    Mr. Wizard would always warn Tooter that the favor wouldn’t really make him happy but, of course, Tooter would be insistent and since Mr. Wizard had magical powers ,Tooter would get to be anything he wanted to be.

    Not surprisingly, things would turn out badly and Tooter would always have to call for Mr. Wizard’s help to get him out of some terrible predicament or other. Every episond ended with Mr. Wizard saying to us kids, watching the program: “Be what you is, not what you is not. Those that do this are the happiest lot.”

    Even as a kid — eight or nine years old — I found myself resisting Mr. Wizard’s good advice. I had no intention of being ‘ordinary’. I wanted to be something outstanding, something remarkable. To be “what you is” was nowhere near good enough.

    I could feel sorry for Suzanne or Thomas, but what would be the use? I might as well feel sorry for myself (or for Tooter). God will answer our prayer for authenticity — but we have to be willing to say the prayer in the first place!



  3. SR says:

    Hey 8 kids,

    Good post and much to think about here. I like, “Three are pointing back at me.” You are correct it is easy to “judge” these things. Place our own opinions and thoughts in them. I was thinking when I read this, “How many times do we really waste all of our energy thinking about these things, when God wants us to use our energy in serving others, and for Him.” God post! God Bless, SR

  4. Good post. I’ve been shaken periodically by how vulnerable I can be to my own vanity. I don’t understand plastic surgery and Botox. I understand makeup, lotions and fitness. I believe in those things. But even those tools are just tools, and they should never become idols. Some people do very unethical things to produce and test cosmetics. And the women who indulge in such treatments are not lovely. They are disgusting. And most plastic surgery and cosmetic toxins and so forth are hideous. They make users look worse, not better. As for the “man” who decided “he” is a woman after all, I refuse to call such people transgendered persons. I don’t hate them. I feel sorry for them. But a woman who decides she’s a man is still a woman, and still a she, not a he. Just as a 12-year-old who decides she’s an adult is still a child, and a 66-year-old woman hiding under a heap of surgical disguises is still a retirement-age woman, not a young starlet. The vicious circle of vanity and insecurity starts with the illusion that we are supposed to create ourselves from scratch, when in reality we are helping put finishing touches on ourselves, already having been created by our Creator.

  5. lilyboat says:

    gender confusion is a hard issue.. i cannot imagine suffering from that kind of misplaced identity. My confusion has always been between the child/adult. I feel like a little kid, trapped in an adult woman’s body! Then I found the answer in the bible.. that we are all lovely children of God! So that cleared my confusion. I hope more people find their long sought answers through the bible.. it’s all there! Thank you again for this great post. 🙂

  6. Teresa Rice says:

    “To be authentic, I have to remain in the Truth—and the Truth shall set me free.”


    Good post. God Bless.

  7. caseydeann says:

    Don’t give them the benefit of submitting to their delusions. It’s definitely “she.” When it comes to gender, biology is destiny!

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