Your Spiritual Idiolect

One of the greatest things about blogging is getting to meet (albeit on-line) wonderful people who passionately blog about their Christian Catholic faith.  Our unique personalities and experiences are evident in the way we write and even in the design and layout of our blogs.  We are different bloggers expressing the same message: God loves each and every one of us and He is calling us to live in His Love.

484px-BambergApocalypseFolio008rJohnWritesToSardisAndPhiladelphiaConnie Rossini @ Contemplative Homeschool had the inspired idea of gathering us all together and forming a new blogging community – Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network.  I’ll let her explain:  Everyone has an idiolect–a collection of personal speech habits that is different from anyone else’s. Have you ever thought about your spiritual idiolect? Since your soul is unique, you have a personal way of speaking to God that no one else completely shares. Today I am announcing the creation of a new blog that will help you find and fine-tune your spiritual idiolect.  Read the rest here:

Deo Gratias


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