Remembering the Sweetness of Childhood

Manitoulin Island early morning fishingThis is a picture of three of my older children enjoying some early morning fishing with their dad. These adorable little cherubs are in their twenties now and on the brink of venturing out on their own. Long gone are their cute little pyjamas and dress-up costumes. The fishing rod has been replaced by a newer, more efficient model. I miss their wide-eyed innocence and their soft, kissable cheeks.

I love to watch parents with younger children. They bring back so many memories – most of them good, but some of them make me shake my head and wonder how we managed. Sometimes, young parents will ask me for advice. After longing for the days in that picture, here’s the advice I would give:

  • when you think you’ve kissed them enough, kiss them again
  • when you think you’ve held them enough, scoop them up and caress them again
  • when you think you’ve played enough, get down on the floor and laugh with them again
  • you can never say “I love you” enough. Say it again and again and again.

Before you know it, that adorable little toddler with the smooth little chipmunk cheeks and wide-eyed wonder will tower over you.  He’ll tell you not to worry because he won’t be out too late.

So, enjoy these days with your little ones. Immerse yourself in their sense of wonder and excitement. One day, you’ll be gazing at your collection of memorable photos and realizing how quickly it all passed.

Deo Gratias

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16 Responses to Remembering the Sweetness of Childhood

  1. Well spoken! of course, I mean 8 of the crumb snatchers later and I would hope you would have learned something :). I’m learning to be more playful with them and learning every day how to interact more and more with them. Thank you for this post. It’s not a bad thing to be reminded of wisdom. Peace, cheers and blessings.

  2. Anabelle @Written By The Finger of God says:

    Teary eyed over here. I’m blogging less and doing as you advised.

  3. Me says:

    They do grow too quickly! As I get ready to embrace a sweet smelling newborn, I look to my sons who are growing. Toddlerhood is gone in both of them. Baby fat is vanishing and snuggling, kissing, and hugging are “uncool” to them.

  4. Lisa Canning says:

    SO SO SO sweet and I have made a note to do all these things more every day.

  5. Ryan M. says:

    As a dad of two little ones, this is timely advice 🙂

  6. Oh Terry, what a beautiful post. My oldest just celebrated his 8th birthday yesterday and all I could think of every time I looked at him was not only how excited I am to watch him grow and learn, but how much I miss being able to scoop him up and cuddle him. I’ve watched my nieces and nephews grow and as so many of them now tower over me (even the ones who were born when I was at the end of high school) I love knowing that there will always be more babies in this family. 🙂

  7. Angela says:

    So very true! You put this beautifully! It really does fly by so very quickly. I used to grumble often about the toddler years and how hard they were. Ha! Was I wrong! What I wouldn’t give to get those simple years back!
    Every age, stage and phase is good and thanks for the reminder to take time to stop, pay attention and enjoy it!!

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