Reflecting on 28 Years of Marriage

sacramental marriageMy husband and I celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary this month but it seems like it was just yesterday that we exchanged wedding vows. I still remember walking down the aisle on my dad’s arm, flashing a big grin and waving at everyone in the pews. I remember looking at the nervous face of my soon-to-be husband and wondering how his forehead could  tremble like that.

When I look at my beloved, I still see the tall, lanky, boisterous, outgoing young man with the smiling blue eyes and full head of chocolate brown curls. He still sees the petite, introspective, slip- of- a- girl with exotic brown eyes, long jet-black hair and a golly gee whiz outlook.

We have grown through the many challenges of married life. Job stress, financial problems, home renovations.  Health scares, illness, sleepless nights, bad moods. Navigating the nuances of NFP and parenting our children accepted lovingly from our Father. Epic fights, misunderstandings, selfishness, pride. These are the refiner’s fire tempering us so that we may be molded and perfected in God’s image since it is in our vocation of marriage that we are to bring each other to holiness.

We have learned to love each other. To recognize when to step in and when to be silent. How to communicate with a look, a touch or carefully chosen words. How to laugh with each other and how to laugh at ourselves. How to finish each other’s sentences and how to stop each other from saying the wrong thing. How to say “I’m sorry” and how to forgive. We have learned what it means that “the two shall become one” (Matthew 19:5), a united front trying each day to honour our wedding vows spoken in hope and joy all those many years ago.

The glue that continues to bind us is God’s love. He is the third person in our marriage and His glue grows stronger and more permanent with each new challenge, each new joy, each new day.

As our marriage is twenty-eight years old, it is also twenty-eight years fresh. In my eyes, he hasn’t aged a bit; in his eyes, neither have I. But we have grown in so many significant ways that complement each other and strengthen our family. We are thankful for God’s grace and mercy that He continues to shower upon our marriage and grateful that He continues to grant that we can be with each other first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Happy anniversary, my darling. Thank you for twenty-eight wonderful years. Here’s to the next twenty-eight anniversaries.

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Deo Gratias

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30 Responses to Reflecting on 28 Years of Marriage

  1. SaintlySages says:

    Congratulations! I will say a prayer for you and husband and family right now. God bless!

  2. Anabelle @Written By The Finger of God says:

    congratulations Terry! here I was hoping for a yellowed photograph of the exotic bride.

  3. Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with many, many more happy and healthy years.

  4. Me says:

    Happy Anniversary! It is a blessing to know you (even if it is only on the net) and see your family as a true example in being with God.

  5. A very happy and blessed Anniversary to you and your husband! Very inspiring post as well. Cheers to 28 more years together! 🙂

  6. Laura says:

    “Twenty eight years old and twenty eight years fresh” – beautiful! I can’t wait till we can one day say the same. What a beautiful tribute to your calling.

  7. NEO says:

    Beautifully written and quite wonderful, Congratulations, Terry. The only thing I don’t understand is how someone so young could have been married for 28 years, must have been a child bride. 🙂

    My hopes and prayers for many, many more.

  8. Aww, that was really beautiful and very sweet! Happy anniversary! I especially liked: “We have learned to love each other.” Yes, so many think marriage is meet, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after.

    But marriage is about helping someone else to heaven, and that means learning to truly love. So yes, in true marriages, learning to love each other is a blessing indeed. You cannot have one without such learning.

    God bless you 8Kids!

  9. lilyboat says:

    Congratulation! These days, 28 years married together,, is quite something! And many many more years of happy marriage to come! God bless you and your husband!

  10. I read your list of marriage troubles to the wifey and her and I nodded in joyous agreement! It must be for everyone who chooses to walk the path of marriage faithfully. It has grown us in ways we never will be able to put a finger on. Great post, cheers on your marriage thus far and hereafter! Cheers and prayers to those married people right now all over who are going through a struggle, that God guides them through. Blessings!

    • “It must be for everyone who chooses to walk the path of marriage faithfully. It has grown us in ways we never will be able to put a finger on.” In my opinion, that is a sign of your own strong marriage. Thanks for commenting and sharing.

  11. Happy Anniversary, Terry! You are a few month ahead of us; our 28th anniversary is in November.

  12. dgcree says:

    A beautiful reflection. Congratulations on your 28th Wedding anniversary – “Ad multos Annos! “

  13. Tara f says:


    Thanks for posting this beautiful reflection on 28 years of married life! It makes me look forward to this October when my fiancée and I will embark on the path to marriage together! Congratulations to you and your husband!

    • Hi Tara, thank you so much for dropping by. I heard you were getting married; saw the lovely photo of your engagement ring, too! Congratulations. May God bless the two of you with a long, joyful, blessed marriage. (don’t forget to post pictures of the wedding)

  14. mithriluna says:

    What a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary! My husband and I will be celebrating 28 years this December. God bless you both.

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