Interview with Pakistan Archbishop Emeritus Lawrence Saldanha

FILE PHOTO OF ARCHBISHOP LAWRENCE SALDANHAI recently had the privilege of interviewing Archbishop Emeritus Lawrence Saldanha for the September 2013 print edition of Catholic Insight Magazine. Upon his ordination to the priesthood in 1960, Archbishop Saldanha served the archdiocese of Lahore, Pakistan in various roles culminating in his appointment as Archbishop of Lahore in 2001. He served the “most turbulent” parish in Pakistan.

In light of the recent attacks by Islamic extremists in Peshawar, Pakistan and Nairobi, Kenya, Catholic Insight Magazine decided to make the print interview available on-line.

Archbishop Saldanha gives a first-hand account of the lives of Christians and other non-Muslims in a very turbulent region. I invite you to visit my blog at Catholic Insight Magazine and read the article. Here’s the link:

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15 Responses to Interview with Pakistan Archbishop Emeritus Lawrence Saldanha

  1. fxfocus says:

    Thank you for posting the interview. It’s eye opening. I’m not Pakistani and really know nothing about their culture. Catholics in the US have no idea how much suffering our fellow Catholics in the East are enduring. At least the Israeli Jews have a line of defense we don’t have The Archbishiop is absolutely correct. More has to be done to make people aware of the Christian and Catholic oppression that’s flourishing in the East and Africa. Our Pope must lead this cause, I pray for his success and of course, our Church. God Bless.

  2. fxfocus says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention, but slightly off topic. You should probably do a post on Cardinal Burke. Opprossion of Catholics is also happening in the US, it has been for a long time. Thank God someone higher up here in the US is finally speaking up. Sorry if you may have a contrasting point of view, but it’s a good topic to discuss, Faith cannot be oppressed by our own Catholic politicians. God Bless

    • Don’t apologize. I agree with you. I like Cardinal Burke. Although Catholic Insight is a Canadian publication,I recall quoting him in a previous blog article I wrote for Catholic Insight blog. I will probably refer to him again. Thanks for your comment.

  3. dgcree says:

    An interesting insight. It is true that we westerners don’t really appreciate how sheltered we are.

  4. Inspiring and uplifting.Beautiful interview .Blessings.jalal

  5. Great article! Thanks for sharing. I especially appreciated what he said about how the West can strengthen our faith. It’s so true.

  6. Excellent and insightful article, Terry.

  7. Great interview. It’s easy to get comfortable in our lives here without remembering the troubles others face in the world. God bless him for his hard work and dedication to the faith!

  8. Jaweed K. says:

    Hi, Terry. I’m trying to get in touch with the archbishop for a HuffPost article. Could you share his contact information with me? You’ll find me at @jaweedkaleem my email should be provided to you with this comment in the blogging system.

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