The Graces of the Rosary

(from Pope John Paul I)

Our Lady of the RosaryWindthorst, a German, was invited one time by certain friends not practising the Faith, to show them his beads; it was a joke; they had previously taken them from his pocket. Windthorst, not having found them in his left pocket, put his hand in his right pocket and came out the victor. He always had an extra rosary! Cristoforo Gluck, a great musician, during court receptions in Vienna, used to go apart a few minutes to recite his rosary….

Why do I give these examples of people reciting the rosary? Because the rosary is contested by some. They say: it is a prayer that is infantile, superstitious, and not worthy of a Christian adult. Or else, it is a prayer that is automatic, reduced to a hasty repetition of Ave Marias, monotonous and boring.

The crisis of the rosary is in second place. Before that, it is the crisis in prayer in general today. People are all taken up in material interests. One thinks little about the soul…..Donoso Cortes said, “The world is in a bad way because there are more battles than prayers….”

john-paul i smilingTo be, for a half hour at least, before God as I am in reality, with all my misery and with the best of myself, to let rise to the surface from the depths of my being the child I once was, who wants to laugh, to chatter, to love the Lord, and who sometimes feels the need to cry so that he may be shown mercy, helps me to pray.

The rosary, a simple and easy prayer, helps me to be a child and I am not ashamed at all.

I come to another objection. The rosary is a prayer of repetition? Father de Foucauld said, “Love is expressed with few words, always the same and always repeated.”

Source: Magnificat. Monthly Volume 3, No. 13/ October 2013

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6 Responses to The Graces of the Rosary

  1. What a gift the rosary is to us!

  2. Inspiring post.The Miracles of the rosary are proofs of our faith in Virgin Mary.Blessings.jalal

  3. reinkat says:

    For me, that last sentence says it all, ties it all together.

  4. The Scourge of Satan. The Life of Christ.

  5. Imelda says:

    There is a nice resource about the Rosary that was written by St. Louis the Montfort – The Secrets of the Rosary. Wonderful reading. Also, biographies of Saint Dominic will likely have a chapter on the origins of the Rosary. 🙂

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