Small Success Thursday: Lessons in Humility Edition

Small-Successes-320x3221One of my favourite websites (and not just because I blog there), Catholic Mom, has  brought back Small Success Thursday. Here’s how it works:

List three things you are grateful for this week: victories over minutia, victories over the big stuff, blessings which you have received which reveal the breathing presence of God’s grace in your life. Then ask a friend to come and participate too.

Thank you dear Lord for these undeserved graces and blessings:

  1. Second chances: You know those mornings when you wake up grumpy and tired and you take your horrible mood out on the people you love the most, probably your poor husband? That was me this morning. I’m grateful for the opportunity to apologize and to receive my husband’s forgiveness.
  2. Finding a parking spot: I was asked to do some consulting at a busy hospital that had an one of the most awful hospital parking lots I have ever seen. I waited 15 minutes for a spot to be available. It was a good lesson in patience, consideration and plain old good manners.
  3. Lessons learned from the elderly: I visited with a beautiful elderly woman who lives and breathes the grace of God. She showed me what it means to suffer well. She recited her favourite poems, prayed the psalms from memory and taught me a few Hebrew words and prayers. It was a lovely visit and when I left her, I felt that I was the recipient of her unconditional love.
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8 Responses to Small Success Thursday: Lessons in Humility Edition

  1. Imelda says:

    I know number 1 very well. 🙂
    As for number 2, I find that whenever I have some needs (like getting to Mass in time or finding a parking spot – for my husband, tha is, since I do not drive yet), a prayer to my Guardian Angel always helps. I do not know what my Guardian Angel does, but sometimes, when we are running late for Mass, every corner seems to turn green for us. Sometimes, it is the Priest who is held back.

  2. Cristina says:

    I just love, love, love, the elderly. Love. The chapter of Third Order Dominicans that I am a part of is full of elderly wise women and men (just 1). I love to sit and listen to them talk about their perspectives and find that I connect with them more than people my own age at times! And boy do they love God!

    Apologies…you know? I learned how to do that better when I came home to the Catholic church. I wonder why???

    • Thanks, Cristina. Yes, our senior citizens have so much to teach us. Their life experiences and insights are valuable. Apologies……..the Church is great for reminding us that it’s not all about us 🙂

  3. the five days of hurdle, the slow as a turtle. The conference calls which seemed to eat only my all and leave me to fall on my face for grace to find me in this place. I am grateful for a little extra dough this week, for a wife that loves me despite my many shortcomings and my children wanting to be up early just to visit with me before it is off I go. Life is good and God is good. Even trying, it is good.

  4. I put being thankfulness and gratefulness together. I believe they a synonymous. It can be very difficult and tiring when things in life hit at once. I must remember there is a reason for what’s happening and that people have it worse than I. I thank God for what I do have and grateful as well.

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