The Importance of the Family Rosary

“So I think that the abandonment of the family Rosary is a main reason why so many Catholics have lost the faith. It seems to me that the Church of the future is going to consist solely of those families who have been faithful to the Rosary.”

Michael's Rosaries

The following comes from the fall newsletter of Mother Miriam’s new community, Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope (pdf), and I thought it was appropriate for this Month of the Holy Rosary:

[F]rom the booklet “Our Glorious Faith and How To Lose It” by Fr.  Hugh Thwaites, S.J.  “It seems to me,” wrote Father Thwaites, “that a principal cause of the loss of faith is the dropping off in the practice of the family Rosary.”

Father Thwaites begins: “Without delay now, I want to talk about my theme.” (Note: Bolded type below in original.)

In Austria, after World War II, there was a complete collapse of vocations.  One year, apparently, no one at all entered the seminaries.  So the bishops held a synod, to find out how it could be that this had happened.  The conclusion they reached was that the war had so disrupted family life that the…

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4 Responses to The Importance of the Family Rosary

  1. SaintlySages says:

    My comment on Michael’s blog: I like it when, immediately after Mass, the priest leads the people in at least one decade of the rosary for some particular need. This seems to me a better way to conclude a worship service than to rattle car keys and pull email while a musician bangs out a boisterous marching song. We conclude the daily office with a traditional Marian antiphon. Why not conclude Sunday worship in a similar way? God bless!

  2. dgcree says:

    So true !

  3. Love this post. And it is true, the family rosary transforms.

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