Small Success Thursday: Be Grateful For What I Have Edition

Small-Success-Thursday-250pxEvery Thursday at, we celebrate everyone’s  small (and not so small) successes. Come on over, add your link or add your own successes to the comments section.

List three things you are grateful for this week: victories over minutia, victories over the big stuff, blessings which you have received which reveal the breathing presence of God’s grace in your life. Then ask a friend to come and participate too.

In the last couple of weeks since I’ve contributed to Small Success Thursday, I’ve learned a few things about need vs. want.

1) Do you really need another bag? When I go to work, I have quite a few nursing – related tools in my kit. In the interest of being ergonomically efficient, I rely on a  large, well-compartmentalized pull bag that does the job quite well and looks good at the same time. While at the local office supply store, I saw (coveted) an even nicer looking, equally useful bag. My husband, who usually never questions my purchases, looked at me and asked the above incriminating question. I gave the bag one last longing glance and walked away. I still occasionally think about it but I have managed to resist, resist, resist. I know. I know. I don’t need it!

2) Savouring a friend’s gift of really delicious chocolate: A dear friend gifted me with some lovely dark chocolate truffles. Instead of scarfing them all down, I have managed to control myself and savour one delicious truffle each day with a mug of green tea.

3) Grateful for aid to the Philippines: The devastation in the Philippines leaves most of us speechless but the concern and love of the international community speaks to the charity inherent in all of us. The outpouring of prayers and material contributions shows that we will not leave our Filipino brothers and sisters in dire need.

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22 Responses to Small Success Thursday: Be Grateful For What I Have Edition

  1. Lisa Hendey says:

    Yum to #2! And congrats on a great week!

  2. SaintlySages says:

    Only one dark chocolate truffle a day is grounds for labeling you an ascetic ;)) God bless!

  3. Esther says:

    I struggle with the whole needs vs wants, too. Congrats on passing on the bag! And seriously…one chocolate a day?! Way to go!

  4. Me says:

    1. New parenting style found and being implemented.
    2. Though GamerDad was late from work, I am thankful he is home and not deployed.
    3. Thanks to #1, a lot of my chores are off of my “to-do” list.

  5. mithriluna says:

    #1 – Good for you!! There are so many times when I purchase the item, bring it home, and return it the next day (or week). It would be so much easier if I had more willpower right in the store!
    #2 – Love chocolate too!
    #3 – I am grateful too in seeing the outpouring of support.

  6. vftmom247 says:

    #1 – with me, it is the boots and fashion scarves I cannot walk away from.
    On both # 1 and 2, impressive willpower exhibited. On number 3….it is nice to see God working in people’s hearts.

  7. reinkat says:

    #2. LOL. I can only pray for that sort of discipline and strength.
    I am afraid if given that particular opportunity, I would hide in the closet so I wouldn’t have to share . . . and gobble them down (with great pleasure).
    I am very good at resisting shopping for wants rather than needs.
    Also share your gratitude for aid to the Phillipines. I do have a sponsored person there, and she was not injured during the typhoon, praise God!

  8. abcinsc says:

    Re #1 – When my son was very little he struggled with the same issue – need v want. I can remember him saying during one Christmas season, as he looked longingly at some now long-forgotten item, “I need an I-wish.”

  9. Haha, the bag! Laughing again at #2, I would have to say, I would be selfish totally no matter how fast I ate those chocolates! And #3 it is always sad to see such destruction and devastation in the world. Too bad the devastation seems to be a sure fire way for people to act like people once again. I am thankful myself for many things this week. I thank the good Lord my wife and I have had our first real conversations in years. I thank Him that my relationship to my children is improving and grateful to have been given the gift of music. Without music, i’m not sure I would be in the process of becoming better. God bless.

  10. Terry, I like these Small Success posts. Of course you need a new bag when you happen to misplace that old one. JK. Like you, I am so grateful for the aid to the Philippines. My FB newsfeed is blown up with so many helping out from all over the world and local volunteers. My friends and family say the spirit in Cebu (where all the evacuees go and many relief efforts start from as it is the biggest functioning city nearby) is so compassionate. People are abuzz with willingness to help. Truly grateful. And your post on Catholic Insight, awesome by the way. I wish there was a reblog button on blogger, I would have done that.

    • I dunno, Annabell, my bag looks like it could last forever! Thanks for your kind words re: my Catholic Insight post. It was definitely from the heart. Small Success Thursdays link up every Thursday. If you have the time, go over and post something. Hope to see you there.

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