The Continuing Over-Sexualization of our Children

For several reasons, I have decided to link this week’s post to my blog at Catholic Insight. I invite you to read it over there. If you wish to share it, I ask that it be shared through the Catholic Insight blog. Thanks.


Painting: Schoolgirl by Tatiana Vladimirovna Gorb. Source: under a Creative Commons Attribution license.


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8 Responses to The Continuing Over-Sexualization of our Children

  1. SaintlySages says:

    Public school education in many places today does not seem to promote the greater good of the people. A reading of ancient and modern history shows time and time again how societies that ignore traditional moral principles sooner or later suffer and perish under the weight of their own vices. We owe the children we brought into our world a better future.

  2. Such an important topic.

  3. holinessinmotherhood says:

    Thank you for the blog awards a few weeks ago. I finally did my own nominations.

  4. Read your article over at “Catholic Insight” – ugh! I would yank my children out of that system a.s.a.p. if I could. That is just disgusting. They should let children have some innocence. Thank you for calling attention to that, especially to the people in that area who need to know.

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