Bill 52: “the definitive end of all care”

syringes-and-vial-1028452-mHere in Canada, the province of Quebec is on the brink of passing Bill 52 which will make euthanasia and physician assisted suicide legal in Quebec. Assemblee Nationale Quebec (Quebec National Assembly) will hand down it’s final decision in this session of parliament, maybe even this week. There is a concerted push in the Quebec parliament to adopt this bill before a provincial election is called in the next few weeks.

Catholic Insight Magazine has published my article on Bill 52 on its website. The article highlights the Federal Government’s response to the Bill, the history of the euthanasia and physician assisted suicide fight in Canada, as well as my interview with Dr. Catherine Ferrier, one of the founding physicians of Physicians’ Alliance Against Euthanasia.

I invite you to read the article at Catholic Insight Magazine.

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9 Responses to Bill 52: “the definitive end of all care”

  1. Biltrix says:

    Thanks for helping to get the word out, Terry. I will be following this story with interest. Please, keep us updated. God bless!

  2. How sad and how little value is given to God’s gift of life to snuff it away when it is no longer to our liking.

  3. oarubio says:

    Man’s inhumanity to man is endlessly creative. 😦 Belgium recently did away with age restrictions regarding euthanasia. We need a different term, one which isn’t sanitized. — Tony

  4. Biltrix says:

    Reblogged this on Biltrix and commented:
    Terry McDermott is a registered nurse, in Toronto, and Catholic writer I’ve gotten to know through her blog. I urge you to read her well researched article at Catholic Insight Magazine on the situation with euthanasia in Quebec. Here is an excerpt I found alarming:

    “As of 19 February 2014, Bill 52 has not been adopted. According to an article in the National Post, the Parti Quebecois is calling on all elected members of Parliament to ensure quick adoption of the bill before an election call that is expected in the next few weeks.

    • Biltrix says:

      Well, this is really odd, Terry… On my blog there was a link to this post here, but now that link is gone (?!? Where’s my “not happy about this” emoticon?). The only thing left from the reblog on Biltrix is the comment I posted here above, and nothing else, no link, nothing from this post. Pretty inane, huh?

      Fortunately, I linked to your article onCatholic Insight, and it looks like people are following it. I hope this other thing is just a temporary WP glitch and it will get worked out. (I don’t like griping about WordPress, because on the whole they’re pretty darn good).

      Any way, thanks again for this post + GBY!

      • You’re welcome, James. Thanks for reblogging and putting it out on twitter. WordPress is pretty good, I agree, but sometimes stuff happens. Have a great weekend!

      • The latest on Bill 52 that I’ve read today is that the opposition Liberal party has blocked adoption of the Bill, saying more time is needed to debate. As of today, the Quebec National Assembly is on a 2-week hiatus. The Liberals have said they’re willing to revisit the Bill when they resume parliament. The Liberals have also said that if the Bill is not adopted before the next election in a few weeks, they will reintroduce it as is. The ruling Parti Quebecois will do the same thing if re-elected. So the Bill is on hold but it isn’t dead.

      • Biltrix says:

        That’s good news for now. I’m very glad to know that it was not just pushed through. We’ll keep praying, and following, and doing our best to keep people informed. Thanks so much, Terry, for filling us in. God bless!

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