The physical effects of the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus

69_Mark’s_Gospel_X._the_crucifixion_image_2_of_2._Jesus_crucified._after_RubensFor the March print edition of Catholic Insight Magazine, I wrote an article on the physical effects of the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus.  The article was part of a Lenten meditation on Jesus’ ultimate self-giving act of love and sacrifice.

The first part of the Lenten meditation was written by  Fr. Marco Testa whose homilies often appear on this blog. In his article, he reminded us that “Christ crucified is both the form and the content of the Christian message; a timeless message that is always relevant. Our fidelity to the Cross guarantees the authenticity of our discipleship and, ultimately, our salvation…. Many have fallen away and have turned from the Cross, and a cross-less Christianity is perhaps one of the subtlest temptations of the antichrist. Salvation is ours only through the power of the  Cross.” (Testa, 2014, p. 10)

The second half of the meditation explained what would have happened physiologically to Jesus as he was scourged, made to carry part of His cross, crucified on Golgotha and then buried. Jesus willingly and obediently suffered a most barbaric torture out of love for us.

“The suffering of love is redemptive, transformative, and life-giving, making visible the self-giving Love of God. For this reason the Crucifix is understood as an icon of the Trinity. Therefore, we look to Golgotha and recognise that the Saviour who hangs on the Cross for the world’s salvation makes visible for us the Mystery of God’s self-giving Love and He invites us to be one with Him in His saving work.” (Testa, 2014, p. 10)

The editors have published The physical effects of the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus on the website. I invite you to read it here:

Testa, M. (2014, March). Looking to Golgotha: The Passion of our Lord. Catholic Insight Magazine, 22, 10.

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1 Response to The physical effects of the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus

  1. Powerful and awakening .Couple weeks ago l saw the Movie(Son Of God)its an amazing feeling when a person realizes the price of sin.Blessings.JalalMicgael

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