Monsignor Vincent Foy: 75 years of priestly service

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getting-ready-for-my-75th-3On 7 June, 2014, Monsignor Vincent Foy will celebrate 75 years of ordination to the holy priesthood with a Solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Ordained on 3 June, 1939, he is  the only surviving priest of the St. Augustine Seminary class of 1939, and in his 99th year, is the oldest priest of the Archdiocese of Toronto. A canon lawyer, he has served the people of God in various capacities: Vice Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Toronto, Secretary of the Toronto Archdiocesan Marriage Tribunal, Defender of the Bond and Judge, and then in 1957 he became Presiding Judge of the Regional and Archdiocesan Tribunals. He was also a Domestic Prelate and the Director of Catechesis of the  Archdiocese of Toronto. He has served as pastor in various parishes, and has lived in Rome in an advocacy capacity. He has been a chaplain for the Pro Alliis Club and the Legion of Mary.

Monsignor Foy is a gifted writer who over the years has contributed to many international and Canadian journals and other publications including Human Life International, St. Joseph’s Workers for Life and Family, Challenge Magazine, The Keys of Peter, and Catholic Insight Magazine. In his large body of work, he has tirelessly defended Humanae Vitae, the traditional family, orthodoxy, and the Liturgy. He has been a prophetic voice speaking out against the contraceptive mentality, the abuse of marriage and the destruction of the traditional family, the decline of Catholic education, heresy, Holy Communion received in the hand, and the Winnipeg Statement. His writings appear on his blog, Selected Writings of Rev. Msgr. Vincent Foy, P.H., J.C.D.

Recently, in preparation for the celebration of his 75th anniversary of ordination, Monsignor Foy graciously consented to an interview with Catholic Insight Magazine. As well, he allowed us to quote from his numerous articles in order that Catholic Insight Magazine may assist in conveying the work of this holy priest. The interview, Courageous Words of Wisdom from Monsignor Vincent Foy, appears in the June 2014 edition of Catholic Insight Magazine. It will also be published as a feature at It sheds light on topics of concern for all Catholics and Monsignor Foy’s wisdom and knowledge serve to clarify Church teachings. The following is a small sampling from the upcoming interview:

On the reception of Holy Communion in the hand, he objected that the practice was introduced “by deceit in the USA and Toronto,” although a “statement from the Decree of the Holy See on Administration of Holy Communion, dated 24 June 1969 stated: ‘in view of the state of the Church as a whole today, this manner of distributing Holy Communion (i.e. on the tongue) must be observed.'” He voiced concerns regarding abuse of the Holy Eucharist and cited the example of a young boy who placed the Consecrated Host between the pages of a textbook and attempted to leave the church.

Pope Paul VI’s encyclical on the regulation of birth in keeping with natural and Divine law, Humanae Vitae was negatively received by the Canadian bishops as well as many leading theologians and the result was their document of dissent, The Winnipeg Statement. Despite the actions of the bishops, Monsignor Foy courageously persevered in his defense of Humanae Vitae and in his attempt to have The Winnipeg Statement repealed. In an article for Catholic Insight Magazine, he wrote: “The Church teaches that contraception is never licit. It rejects moral relativism and affirms that contraception is intrinsically evil; the prohibition is a moral absolute.” Of the Winnipeg Statement, he explained: “ ‘The Winnipeg error was the key link in a chain which is strangling our beloved Church in Canada.’ The links include: disloyalty to the Holy See, spread of the contraceptive mentality, pervasiveness of moral relativism, and dissent.”

You may read the entire interview in the June 2014 edition of Catholic Insight Magazine. It will also be available at

Photograph courtesy of: Selected Writings of Rev. Msgr. Vincent Foy, P.H., J.C.D.



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