Reparation to the Sacred Heart: a prayer for troubled times

Batoni_sacred_heartIt is understandable to feel concern, uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety in these troubled times. Jesus, it seems, is asleep as our little boat continues to be tossed amidst the storms that rage within the Catholic Church and throughout the world.

My short reflection and an Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is over on my blog at Catholic Insight.

Painting: Sacred Heart of Jesus by Pompeo Batoni, 1767. In the public domain.

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5 Responses to Reparation to the Sacred Heart: a prayer for troubled times

  1. SaintlySages says:

    At a moment when there was darkness over the whole earth (Mt 27:45), Christ redeemed us. And the glorious light of His Resurrection was but a short time away. God bless!

  2. 4thoseilove says:

    Jesus, I trust in you! 🙏💒 Pray for the Pope and his intentions everyday, even if you don’t know what they are. Leave it to God, to reach him. May he listen to the Holy Spirit, and guide Christ’s Church rightly. If he tries to usurp it; pray that others will not be damaged. Discern what statements are infallible and which are not. In 1346, Pope John XXII (22nd) occasioned the Great Schism with his All Saints Day, in Paris (he was one of the Avignon, France Popes) sermon saying “God suspended Judgment until the end of time.” He was corrected by many German Cardinals and Bishops. However, before he died he wrote; “I was wrong. I spoke as man, not as Pope.”

    The next Pope elected defined the “Last Four Things” which are; (1) Death (2) Judgment (3) Heaven or (4) Hell.

    Popes can and do sin. It’s just we haven’t seen one so messed up, in a long time. Pope Alexander was a philanderer; and his exploits were written about by Machiavelli in his book “The Prince” I believe. (I really did not want to read the book to find out. Maybe someday.) I think this Pope Alexander or another bad Pope repented on his death bed, and confessed. Yet, some bitter Cardinals wrote a scathing epitaph on his tombstone. If I ever get rich enough to tour Rome and the Vatican; I hope I can see it. Or just look it up online; which costs nothing but time spent.

    The Information about Pope John XXII false statement on All Saints Day 1346(?) was written about in Servant of God, John A. Hardon S.J. book commissioned by Bl. Pope Paul VI to be written, as an interim Catechism before the definitive one was written later in the Pontifasey (spelled wrong) of St Pope John Paul II.

    This Catechism BOOK that was commissioned by Blessed Pope Paul VI for Fr Hardon to write is called: “The Catholic Catechism” by John A. Hardon, S.J. on, pages 256-57

  3. jmsabbagh says:

    A post to brighten the inner self.Thank you for liking my post.”Beautiful Human Being.: Be blessed and your family too.Jalal Michael

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