Media influence, the Catholic family, and Fr. John A. Hardon

Peske_Playing_ChildrenStill buried in books and assignments as I finish the last two weeks of the parish nursing course I’m taking but I just had to take a break and write a post based on a recent discussion with the kids in my First Communion classes.

It’s over at Catholic Insight if you’d like to read it.



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7 Responses to Media influence, the Catholic family, and Fr. John A. Hardon

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    • Thank you for reblogging.

      • You’re welcome! I knew Servant of God, Father John A. Hardon S.J. Only Jesuit worth his weight in gold. IMHO.

      • He counseled mom to separate from Dad. I wish she had better sense than to listen to him. Soon after or even before my mom began to take prescription pyschotropic drugs which were being handed out like candy to patients just by a simple MD’s script. Since I am not God and neither of my parents were either – so much psychological and personality formation damage and spiritual damage to have endured from both parents. Truly St. Pope JP2 said it best, “As the family goes, so goes the nation.”

        I have always had mixed feelings for Fr Hardon because he may not have had all the facts nor realized from a confessional conversation both of my parents interior immaturity and fragility. I will never know fully until the General Judgment. I’ll leave these tired cares in life, as old as I now am, in God’s Hands. Speculative Theology is not anything but a supposition, of scenarios. God’s Truths are absolute.

  2. Elise says:

    Fighting the media’s influence may be the hardest thing a parent has to combat in the age of the modern family. Thanks for this 🙂

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