Works without faith

file0002002610567In the March issue of Catholic Insight Magazine, a letter to the editor opined that Holy Mass is only a “start” to following our Lord’s teachings. The letter writer stated that while many Catholics “tend to treat” Holy Mass as the “principal and only action required of them” he thinks that “Our Lord is more concerned with what we do outside the edifice.” He sees Holy Mass as a “community service” and that lengthy services are “superfluous.”

Obviously, I don’t agree with the letter writer so I wrote a response to the letter on my blog at Catholic Insight. Here’s the link to my blog post.

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13 Responses to Works without faith

  1. jmsabbagh says:

    Profoundly inspiring.Have a great holy week.J.M.

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  3. ‘Heb de Heer, uw God, lief met heel uw hart en met heel uw ziel en met heel uw verstand. Dit is het grootste en eerste gebod. En de tweede is daaraan gelijk: heb uw naaste lief als uzelf. wees nederig en behandeld jou naaste gelijk je zelf wil behandeld worden Amen. Er zijn veel mensen door omstandigheden die de mis en het Heilig Sacrament niet kunnen bijwonen, maar zij geloven: wees gerust God weet dat. Hij is immers aanwezig in het hart ❤

  4. reinkat says:

    You make very good points. As sympathetic as I am to the social justice side of our faith, the letter writer took me aback with some of his assertions. I am glad that you countered them.

  5. genericmum says:

    Cardinal Burke recently stated that the “death of cult” leads to the “cult of death”, that is, a decrease in devotion to Mass and the Eucharist inevitably leads to an increase in the moral relativism which fuels the Culture of Death. No amount of ‘social justice’ can atone for this tragically mistaken emphasis on good works.

    • Kathy, thanks for pointing out the statement by the wonderful Cardinal Burke. The emphasis on social justice is, I think, just another symptom of cafeteria Catholicism. Thank the Lord for shepherds like Cardinal Burke who continue to speak out against the errors that threaten to undermine the Church.

  6. SR says:

    Excellent “countering” 8 Kids. Without Mass and the receiving of our Lord in The Blessed Sacrament, how can we ever expect to comprehend or carry out, any works at all???? Christ gives His very nature to us in the Bread and Wine, and without His nature, all we are left is, is our own. Now that is a SCAREY THOUGHT, ISN’T IT????

    How I agree that we should always love our neighbor not only as we would like to be loved, but love them more than ourselves. I only know this, until I converted, went to Mass, and received our Lord, I not only did not comprehend how to do this, but liked the very skills to carry this out. Mass keeps Jesus and His teachings always at the core of my being. Great job and thanks for posting! God Bless, SR

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