Charlie Charlie: a wake-up call for sobriety

St. Michael the ArchangelI had a talk with my teen-aged kids about the Charlie Charlie craze that has spread throughout social media in epidemic proportions. Charlie Charlie is the “poor man’s Ouija Board” that summons a Mexican demon who answers participants’ questions, much like a Ouija Board. Until I explained how Satan deceives us with his lies, they thought the Charlie Charlie Challenge was just an innocent game.

After speaking with my kids, I wrote about Charlie Charlie on my blog at Catholic Insight. I invite you to read it here.

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6 Responses to Charlie Charlie: a wake-up call for sobriety

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  2. reinkat says:

    I had never heard of Charlie Charlie, but I agree totally with your analysis of this sort of toying with the occult.
    I work at a library, and it is discouraging to see how many young people, especially girls, check out books on casting spells and such things. People are so lost. I guess it can be a good thing that they continue to seek, and I pray that they will find the right path.

  3. EricaG says:

    Interesting! I have never heard of this before. I agree that it is venturing too close to the occult. Even the silly horoscopes in the newspaper can lead us down the wrong path.

  4. SR says:

    This was a good post 8 Kids! One that needed to be written. I have thought about what your son so “innocently” said. It made me think about how “innocently” Eve responded to his questions in the garden, and we all know the outcome of that!

    If Satan can get through a small crack in the door of our hearts, it just all kind of tumbles down from that point on. Just as Eve was truly innocent until he got a hold of her, that is our youth. They are still learning, and their hearts are so open to almost everything. This is something Satan knows well.

    Thank God, your children have you for a mother! As you are a mother who took the time to speak with them about it. So great job, MOM!

    Thanks for sharing all of this, as I have never heard of it either. God Bless, SR

  5. danardoyle says:

    Scary stuff indeed! Thank you for making me aware of this!

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