The Mass as Spectacle

ConsecrationThree weeks ago at Sunday Mass, I spent an hour in total amazement watching how thoroughly Holy Mass can be reduced to a loud, irreverent spectacle.  After many days of replaying the incident in my mind, I managed to put my jumbled, upset thoughts into a blog post. It’s on the Catholic Insight website (here).

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8 Responses to The Mass as Spectacle

  1. SaintlySages says:

    Those “noisy, irreverent, self-centred” spectacles that have become in some forlorn places a poor substitute for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are cause for every pious and faithful Catholic to weep with sorrow and pity, even as Our Lord wept over Jerusalem. God bless.

  2. SR says:

    Loved it!!!!!!! After coming out of all of this I can only say, “Catholics have no idea of what they are embracing.” They do not care to learn, they accept it and go on!!! In fact Catholics have no idea of this Charismatic movement at all. The history of it, how it came to be, the depression it causes, and even to the deaths of some children as the parents thought they had the “gift of healing” and withheld medical attention from these kids. Casting out demons, oh Yes!!!!!!! This is very big in this movement. How about the “spirit of laughter” where everyone “laughs” during the Church service. It is the “Holy Spirit” that makes people do that. The Jericho walk. Ever heard of that one???????? How about “slithering down the Church aisle like a snake, because you are “demon possessed?” These are all things I have seen and used to believe. That is eventually what it is all going to lead into!!!!

    This movement has come about from the 1700’s in what is known as the “waves.” Where evangelism can have not affect without “signs and wonders,” which is what the movement is today. This is where I came into the movement for 28 years!!!! So I know what I am talking about. The problem with this is, when God is silent and there are no signs and wonders, what do they do????

    They tried to bring it into our Church and I fought it hard with the Bishop and Priest. It no longer exist. I told our Bishop, “I will worship Jesus under a tree, before I am ever dragged back into this mess!”

    If you want email your address to me and I will send you a copy of the letter I sent to the Bishop and Priest with all the history of the movement. What happens to people in it, and the many dangers of it. This way you will know something about it, and how to fight it. It is dangerous, it gives people a prideful spirit as they are “filled with the Holy Spirit.” If Catholics do not stop this, it will take years to turn the Church back.

    I am reading post where some of our youth are very discouraged with it, and we as parents/adults need to put a stop to it. It is becoming too wide spread. Thanks for sharing. God Bless, SR

  3. SR says:

    I had to come back and add one more thing! “Subjective experience” takes place over all doctrine and teachings of the Church. What you think you feel and what you think you see is your doctrine. So there goes the teachings of Jesus, Peter, Paul and all the early Church Fathers who died for this CHURCH!!!! We owe them more than this! Sorry 8 Kids, but nothing is making me any more angrier than what we are doing with all of this. So many are so ready to hand it to their kids, because it is “fun!” Gees parents, love your kids more than that! SR

  4. dgcree says:

    Couldn’t agree more!

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