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Works without faith

In the March issue of Catholic Insight Magazine, a letter to the editor opined that Holy Mass is only a “start” to following our Lord’s teachings. The letter writer stated that while many Catholics “tend to treat” Holy Mass as … Continue reading

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Seek the One Thing Necessary

Though our collective history includes lights and shadows, we can safely assert that through the ages the Church has been at the service of humanity. Fr. Marco Testa is a priest of the Archdiocese of Toronto. Here is his homily … Continue reading

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Typhoon Haiyan, Indomitable Filipinos and How We Are All Connected

Posted at Catholic Insight I can’t fathom the severity of the devastation in the predominantly central region of the Philippines as I watch the news coverage from my comfortable, safe, middle-class home in Canada. I can’t imagine how the survivors … Continue reading

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Chalice: Christ-Centered Child Sponsorship

Posted at Catholic Insight For Christians who wish to live the commandment of loving our neighbours by making a commitment to perform corporal works of mercy, charitable gift giving and child sponsorship is very appealing. Many sponsorship programs help entire … Continue reading

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Defeating Euthanasia, One Person At A Time

The news story about the Belgian twin brothers who were euthanized on 14 December 2012, was the first story I read when I got home from work. The brothers, while in relatively good health at present, were given a prognosis … Continue reading

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Loving The Forgotten Ones

This week, M expressed a very clear desire to commit suicide, including the method of ending life.  Racked with pain, deteriorating health, loneliness and a lack of familial, spiritual and friendly support, M has had enough of life. Canadian statistics … Continue reading

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