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If God Exists

This is also posted at Catholic Insight, catholicinsight.com “If God exists, why did He make us all different?  Why didn’t He make us all one colour, one religion?  Then we wouldn’t keep fighting each other.  There’s been wars ever since … Continue reading

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A Tribute To A Grand Lady

Mildred (not her real name) is about to celebrate birthday # 101.  There’s going to be a party in her honour, organized by the ladies in her coffee club.  There will be much laughter and great conversation, presided over by … Continue reading

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One Atheist’s View of Religion

Marty (not his real name) is one of my patients.  He’s articulate, intelligent, opinionated, materially successful, relatively healthy for  90-something male, kind, and looks like Pope Benedict.  He was born into a Jewish family but is a die-hard atheist.  Marty … Continue reading

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Patience At The Speed of Light

My husband tells me that my level of patience moves at the speed of light.  Poor man.  He should know.  He’s lived with me for 27 years.  My kids unanimously agree.  Poor kids. How ironic is it that my profession … Continue reading

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