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“Look at Him, even just for a moment”

Life is extremely busy. I’m taking another parish nursing online course and my days are filled with family/work/school/volunteer commitments. There’s never enough time. When the calendar is overflowing, it’s easy to rush through prayer, or worse, stop spending time in … Continue reading

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Eucharistic Adoration: rest for a busy life

Posted at Catholic Insight “Don’t omit your visits to the Blessed Sacrament. After saying your usual prayer tell Jesus, really present in the tabernacle, about the cares and worries of your day. And He will give you light and courage … Continue reading

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Eternal Father, I Offer You……….

Stuck in traffic.  I wonder at the activity around me. Construction.  Towering condos.  Smartly dressed men and women spilling out of office buildings bustling to…….where? Cars crawling.  Traffic congested.  Driving to the next place.  Keeping the next appointment.  Seeing the … Continue reading

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Praying The Clausular Rosary In Adoration

For the past 4 years, our parish has had an annual 40 Hour Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.  The church is open night and day for 40 straight hours and we are all invited to come and spend some time … Continue reading

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Our Lady’s Psalter: The Rosary Of The Mystery Of Christ

For centuries, Catholics, and even non-Catholics, have taken great consolation and strength from praying the Rosary.  We recite it in large groups, gathering together in community and we pray it individually, in contemplation and silence. The Rosary we pray in … Continue reading

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The Gift Of Spiritual Direction

“You ask very existential questions,” observed Wise Friend. “Huh?  What does that even mean?” “Don’t worry, it’s good,” he said reassuringly, with that slight laugh he gets when I look at him like he’s speaking a lost language. I’ve had … Continue reading

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God Come To My Assistance……

God come to my assistance Lord make haste to help me These words are prayed at the beginning of the Liturgy of the Hours.  Simple.  Direct.  Practical.  I love this prayer. Devotionals have their place.  The Rosary is beautiful and necessary. But … Continue reading

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Living The Rule

Wise Friend recommended that I read The Rule Of St. Benedict.  For those who don’t know, St. Benedict of Nursia lived in Europe in the sixth century, during the days of the fall of the Roman Empire.  In response to … Continue reading

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