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Living Out the Great Commission: Practical Tips to Evangelize our Youth

“It’s very important for parents to remember that, even though God might give you the great responsibility to be the primary educator of your child with regards to the faith, He also gives you the corresponding grace to actually do … Continue reading

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Confession and the little child within us

Posted at Catholic Insight I have been thinking a lot about confession lately. As the First Confession and First Communion catechist in my parish, the past few weeks of class have been focused on mortal and venial sin, repentance, forgiveness, … Continue reading

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Reconciliation: The Wisdom Of 7-Year Olds

On the last Saturday before Christmas break, I introduced the belief of a forgiving God to my First Communion class.  The lesson was based on a re-telling of The Prodigal Son.  As usual, the class, the full complement of 21 … Continue reading

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Be A Light In The Workplace

As Christians, we are called to witness to the Gospel not just for one hour on Sundays at Church, but throughout our whole lives:  at work, at play, alone or in the company of others.  Jesus instructs us: let your … Continue reading

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Confession: Getting It Off My Chest

The Transit Authority in my city pulled off a successful experiment/publicity stunt for the first 2 weeks in July.  It has set up confession booths in key areas of the city so anyone can go in and tell a camera … Continue reading

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