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Unlikely Evangelists

Today, I met two people who showed me that the Lord  can use anyone as His instrument when He wishes to speak to us in our everyday life.  He taught me an important lesson through the most unlikely evangelists and … Continue reading

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Defending The Catholic Church

(This post is also at Catholic Insight catholicinsight.com) Like many faithful Catholics, the resignation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI left me feeling uncertain and deeply saddened.  For a few days, I felt a little weepy and the wet, slushy weather … Continue reading

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Did you hear the one about the woman who became a man but then gave birth to three kids and now wants a divorce?  True story. Thomas Beatie was born a woman, Tracy Lagondino.  He (she?) claims he always felt … Continue reading

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“Do This By Your Merits, O My Jesus”

In his efforts to direct me through the Year of Faith, Wise Friend handed me a small book and said, “Pray this and propagate it on your blog.”  The  book is called Visits To The Blessed Sacrament And The Blessed … Continue reading

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The Year Of Faith: Are You Ready?

On October 11, 2012,  the Catholic Church will begin the Year of Faith.  Throughout this upcoming year, Pope Benedict XVI exhorts us to rediscover our journey of faith which began with the Sacrament of Baptism. In his homily of the … Continue reading

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Our Lady’s Psalter: The Rosary Of The Mystery Of Christ

For centuries, Catholics, and even non-Catholics, have taken great consolation and strength from praying the Rosary.  We recite it in large groups, gathering together in community and we pray it individually, in contemplation and silence. The Rosary we pray in … Continue reading

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